Cow Bay Hotel Daintree Cape Tribulation

Nestled amongst some of the oldest rain forest in the world, and only 6km’s from the Cow Bay beach, sits an iconic part of the Daintree experience.

The Cow Bay Hotel is a unique destination for visitors to the Daintree.  Built in the 1990’s by the letting of Government Tender, the hotel was to be the hub of a growing dynamic Cow Bay.  However, with the moratorium on development within the Daintree in the late 90’s, the Cow Bay Hotel now sits in the middle of ancient rainforest as an icon to the earlier plans for the area.

Cow Bay Hotel Daintree Cape TribulationCow Bay Hotel Daintree Cape Tribulation

The hotel provides an “other” Daintree Experience for visiting tourists and independent travellers.  With the Hotel being staffed by long term residents of the area, you can meet with locals who can direct you to other out of the way places to enjoy a swimcatch a fish or to relax in the seclusion of the area. 

With the Daintree area sitting in the tropical north, there is a wide variety of tropical fruits and vegetables to be enjoyed and seafood aplenty.  This is enhanced by the dairy country of the Atherton Tablelands producing gourmet cheeses and chocolates.

Our Daintree Flavours Bistro showcases local and regional flavours with reasonable pricing and in air-conditioned comfort.   The menu is seasonally based to ensure that what is on your plate truly reflects the peak of what the region has on offer.  There are air conditioned motel rooms available for visitors wanting to enjoy all of what the Daintree has to offer staying over a period of days.

Cow Bay Hotel Daintree Cape Tribulation

Fitted out with timber taken from the site when cleared, the hotel houses the longest one continuous timber slab bar in Australia.  This you will not see anywhere else. 

Pop in and say hello and rest your elbows on the iconic Cow Bay Hotel Bar while you enjoy a cold beer…done the old-fashioned way, our beer is on ice!

Cow Bay Hotel Daintree Cape Tribulation

Call in to the Cow Bay Hotel today to complete your trip to the Daintree with a visit to this Princess of a Pub!

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